Create social change through music


When the message is a song,
people move along 

Any social movement thrives on a message that makes people aware and spurs them to act. Awareness needs a vehicle, to spread. When you choose a song as that vehicle, awareness can ride far. Songs appeal to the heart. When a song calls out people to act, the message strikes a chord.

Songs that are a call to action.


The Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust runs contests from time to time to find good lyricists, talented singers and musicians. The contest winners then come together to produce music videos that spread social awareness around causes that need mass attention.


In It to Win It (Released: February 2019)

As part of Social Programs, Shankar Mahadevan Academy has a tradition of producing one song every year on social causes. For 2019, we chose “In It to Win It” as the social-cause theme – a theme that will allow us to extend support to those affected by cancer.