Uplift lives through the Joy of Music
Music should be accessible to one and all – whether they are from an underprivileged community or children with special needs. With that vision in mind, Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust has launched projects to spread the Joy of Music.

Our Programs

Create social change through music 

Have concerns over social problems? Let’s tap the power of music to spread social awareness. Help create impactful music videos that feature the talent of contest winners. Adopt these creative works to give your brand a socially relevant voice.

Music learning for underprivileged children

Gift music learning to children who do not have the means but have the passion, the drive, and the happiness to learn.


Deliver joy of learning through art and music

Bring a revolution in the way underserved children and communities learn. Use art, activity, music to enable them to learn essential subjects in compact, memorable, actionable ways. 


Music learning for children with special needs

Give children with special needs a special opportunity to get exposed to music, to sing and to perform. Design moments of extreme joy in their lives. 


Revive the works of past maestros

Why allow thousands of compositions of maestros to just vanish into thin air? All because they’re not archived. Help record and preserve the works of those senior artists. Keep the music of the maestros staying alive for ever.


Music learning for the elderly

Gift the elderly an opportunity to come out in groups and learn music. And fetch meaning, joy and companionship into their lives.