Online fundraising concerts for musicians in need.

Dignity, security, muskurahat (smile).

SMA Muskurahat, an initiative by the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, supports musicians who are struggling to make a living because of Covid-19, or long-standing illness, or an accident, or just old age with none of their close ones by their side. 

The Shankar Mahadevan Academy Trust donates
Rs 4000 a month per musician for their medical or daily needs.


Raise a fund of smiles.
SMA Muskurahat promotes fund-raising music concerts by professionals—doctors, corporate executives, businessmen, lawyers, established musicians and performing artists. All they need to have is a passion to perform their art, a desire to restore smiles on the faces of struggling musicians, plus the spirit to use their connections to raise funds.
These artists are mentored during the program by Shankar Mahadevan.

How you can get involved


Would like to raise funds through concerts?

In the spirit of true artists, we leave the kind of concert you want to arrange to your imagination.

What matters is that along with the corpus of funds we build,

we build an atmosphere of dignity, compassion, social responsibility.


Become an intern.

Want to do your bit to nurture and grow SMA Muskurahat? Join an internship program in SMA Muskurahat. Want to spread the word about this program by interviewing musicians in need and sending us their stories? We would love to have you on board as an Intern.

Raise funds through a ticketed show

Musicians care about musicians.
If the core idea of SMA Muskurahat strikes a chord in you, you can contribute by performing a concert and dedicate the proceeds of the show to the
musicians’ fund in SMA Muskurahat. 


Refer a musician.

Know a musician who is struggling to make ends meet?
Refer that artist to SMA Muskurahat.

Donate money.

Contribute your funds.
No amount is too small.
Small things add up to make big impact over time.


Past concerts
November 26, 2020

SMA Muskurahat:
From Doctors to Musicians

Shankar Mahadevan
Beneficiary. Mandolin Prasad
Artists. Dr Falguni Gandhi, Dr Jyothishmathi Swaminathan, Dr Kasthuri (Kas) Rangan, Dr Maya Prabhu, Dr Nalini Ram, Dr Nat Bala, Dr Radha Arunkumar, Dr Rashmi Pande, Dr Saraswati Reddy, Dr Supriya Ramanathan, Veena Kaul, Dr. Vidya Sundareshan, Anu Bala.

March 28, 2021

SMA Muskurahat:
From Executives to Musicians

Mentor. Shankar Mahadevan
Special Guest. Aruna Sairam, Musician, Carnatic Vocalist, Educator.
Beneficiary. Swapna Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay, Dhrupad exponent and teacher
Artists. Anil Sadana, Aparna Ranganathan, Asha Dhume, Murali Krishnan, Nalini Kannan, Rajan Radhakrishnan, Rajni Jain, Savita Rao, Sharma Anupindi, Suresh Shenoy, Uma Krishna.