What we do ?

  • Connect the dots of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding activity and involve people and other NGOs to provide their services and time towards fulfilling its objectives.
  • Make a strong connection between funds being spent and the desire to make India’s large human capital relevant and contribute towards the country’s progress.
  • Make music a topic of household conversation at every home in targeted communities and eventually have this available Pan-India.
  • Use art forms to bring back the Joy of Learning for various life enhancing Destinations including wellness, happiness and livelihood.

Our Programs

  1. Inspire India ProjectTM Centers for Learning Music and Art - To “make music a household conversation” - specific Music and Art programs provided by the Shankar Mahadevan Academy.
  2. Inspire India ProjectTM- Design of LifeTM program - To bring back the Joy of Learning and provide Destinations of LearningTM through art based delivery. These programs target villages and communities and use Destinations of LearningTM (DoLs) across various age-appropriate themes and delivered across all ages.
We have an abundance of talent in India. But a lot of voices and dreams get overshadowed as they do not get right platforms to hone their skills. 

Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA), which has been actively involved in imparting music education to students of all ages, has taken a step towards providing these talents an avenue to develop themselves.  SMA has initiated a mission by the name Inspire India Project. The Inspire India Project aspires to make music as a topic of household conversation at every home in the community.         
The Inspire India Project is targeted at underprivileged School students, Children with special needs and Senior Citizens       

You can sponsor the education for one child for a year by donating INR 2500